Business Owner Needs Analyzer

Type Of Business Office Professional
Name Of Business
Type of Ownership Sole Proprietorship
Do You have Employees No
< 5
6 – 10
11 – 15
16 – 25
26 – 50
51 – 100
Is your business required to be bonded? Yes   No
If you were to buy your business today, what would you pay for it?  $
Has a formal valuation been completed on your business? Yes   No
Year Completed
Do you operate your business out of your residence? Yes   No
Do you own or lease the building from which your business operates? Own   Lease
Does your business own or lease vehicles? Yes   No
Do you transport or ship property to/for your customers? Yes   No
Does your business depend on computers or other electronic equipment to conduct Yes   No
During certain times of the year, do you carry additional inventory/stock? Yes   No
Does your business require refrigeration of stock or other materials or supplies? Yes   No
Would your business lose income if it were to shut down for a short period of time? Yes   No
What would you like to see happen to your business if you (or one of your co-owners) died, became disabled, or retired?
  Retained by Heirs
• Who will run the business?
• Does your will transfer your business interest to that person/group of individuals? Yes   No
• Are there sufficient assets to meet your estate settlement costs? Yes   No
• What source(s) of income would your dependents have available while the business was being liquidated?
  Sold to other Owners/another Business
• Do you have a written buy-sell agreement? Yes   No
• When was the agreement last updated?
• Is the agreement funded? Yes   No
Are there any employees, including owners, whose death, disability, or retirement would have an adverse impact on the business? Yes   No
If eligible, would you be interested in using business dollars to pay for certain insurance costs for you or your key employees? Yes   No
If yes, would you be more interested in the business: Receiving its premiums back when the employee leaves the business
Receiving a federal income tax deduction
Do you currently offer a deferred compensation or salary continuation plan for the key employees of your business? Yes   No
Does your business currently have a qualified retirement plan? Yes   No
If yes, what type of plan does the business currently have: Simplified Employee Pension Plan (SEP)
SIMPLE IRA Plan  401K Plan
Keogh Plan  
Defined Benefit Plan
Does your business currently offer life insurance to your employees? Yes   No
Does your business currently offer health insurance to your employees? Yes   No
Does your business currently offer disability insurance to your employees? Yes   No